Complex Instruments

Curiteva for Complex Instruments


Curiteva is a  world leader in the manufacture and assembly of complex instruments.  From single piece instruments to complex multi-component assemblies, Curiteva can produce the instruments you need to successfully implant your medical devices and grow your sales.

Our Complex Instrument team has many years of experience in the manufacture and assembly of a wide range of instrument sets such as knee replacement instruments, hip arthroplasty, various nail kits, spinal instrumentation and many more.

Typical Projects

  • Instruments for spinal surgery
    • Cutting and drill guides
    • Drivers, plier assemblies, reduction sleeves, inserters and probes.
  • Instruments for large joint replacement
    • Hips - rasps, target arms and drill guides
    • Knees - femoral trials, jigs and cutting blocks
  • Instruments for Trauma and Extremities
    • Shoulder
    • Ankle
    • Elbow
    • Nails