Curiteva for Machining


Swiss Machining

Curiteva is one of the most trusted contract manufacturers in the medical industry.  Our sole purpose is to manufacture the finest medical devices on the market for world renowned OEMs.  In order for us to manufacture with the required level of precision, our skilled and professional engineers use the very latest in Swiss Machining technology.  Swiss Machining involves automated lathes that can machine turned parts by using a very fast rotating spindle and precise cutting tools to shave the metal down to the required dimensions.Our skilled use of Swiss Machining means we can manufacture your products accurately and down to micrometer level precision.  This skill and accuracy allows us to manufacture items like screws, spinal implants, extremity implants and many more. Our Swiss Machining expertise allows us to pass on great value for money to our customers as well as enviable lead times whilst maintaining our proud reputation for quality.  

Five-Axis Machining

Curiteva is proud to use true five-axis machining equipment.  Five-axis machines offer several improvements over other CNC tools and we can run the machines efficiently with minimal human involvement reducing human error.  Also, we achieve a better surface finish be obtained by moving the tool tangentially about the surface; this allows us to manufacture more complex parts, particularly parts with curved holes such as challenging bone plate geometries.

This technology has been used in the medical industry for some time because it can meet the manufacturing needs of some of the most complex medical devices ever designed.  Our skill and expertise allows us to confidently make the most challenging of devices to your specification and quality requirements.

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